Getting rid of my herpes – The Ultimate Herpes Protocol

Herpes-Protocol-book-close-upOk, if you’ve had a little look around this site, you might know that I was diagnosed with genital herpes 2 years ago. In that time, I’ve been through a lot of the ups and downs that you can go through with this virus, from first freaking out and feeling disgusted at myself, to the worry of telling a new boyfriend that I had it, and of course, the medications and other treatments to try and hit this thing on the head and stop the outbreaks that really disrupted my life.

When I was first diagnosed with herpes, I was prescribed Acyclovir by my Dr who said this is what I need to take if I get another outbreak and it will take care of it. I was also told that outbreaks get less as time goes by – that didn’t sound so bad – but what a crock of s*it that turned out to be for me (and as I now know, many others who have very regular outbreaks).

So I then went to taking the medication daily as a suppressant. While it made the outbreaks a little less frequent, I was still getting them waaaay to often for my liking. After feeling like I’d hit a brick wall with my Dr, my Mom suggested looking into natural treatments.

Trying The Ultimate Herpes Protocol

After a bit of searching for something I thought could work, I settled on trying The Ultimate Herpes Protocol by Melanie Addington. I’ll go more in depth about the book later, but basically it gives you a system to follow which uses a number of proven natural treatments, which, when all combined in the specific protocol, attack the virus from multiple angles to eradicate it. Now that sounds like a lot, but it’s actually turned out to be quite simple and very inexpensive.

Most important of all – it has worked for me. Since starting the protocol, I’ve only had one minor outbreak which was fairly early on in me following it.

Onto the book…

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol – A guide to naturally cure herpes by Melanie Addington.

Who is Melanie Addington?

Melanie had been diagnosed with herpes, and like a lot of us was devastated when she found out. She also started with Acyclovir and also tried Valtrex but had some side effects from both that she couldn’t carry on with. After this bad experience, Melanie went to her father who is a doctor for his opinion on what she should do to deal with this horrid virus. Melanie says her dad isn’t like your typical doc – he doesn’t blindly push the typical drugs that the big pharma companies make a tonne of money off. He went to work to come up with what Melanie could do to get rid of herpes with natural treatments. What he came up with and what Melanie used to get rid of her herpes became The Ultimate Herpes Protocol. You can find out more about Melanie’s story here.

What is the protocol?

As I briefly mentioned earlier, the protocol uses a range of natural treatments, in a logical system to attack the virus from 3 different angles. If you’ve done any research on natural treatments that work for herpes, you may have come across some of the treatments used, but there’s nowhere else that everything is combined together and backed by the research that Melanie and her father present which is what I believe make the protocol so effective.

The three angles you’ll attack the virus from:

  1. Kick your immune system into high gear
  2. Destroy the virus’ protective protein coat
  3. Stop the virus from multiplying

While attacking a virus like this from three angles sounds like it could be difficult, I was actually quite surprised at how easy it was to follow and how inexpensive it was (much less than I had spent previously going to the doctors!)

Overall thoughts on the protocol

In my two years since being diagnosed with genital herpes, I can say following the protocol is the best thing I’ve done. It feels like my herpes is gone. Apart from it working for me, I really liked being able to download it, start the protocol straight away in privacy and not having to see another dis-interested doctor.

Ok, so based on all of that, I guess you get the gist that I highly recommend giving the protocol a go if you want to get rid of herpes naturally. If you want to give it a go to deal with your herpes, you can get it here. I believe they also offer a 60 day money back guarantee which kind of makes it a no-brainer.

Get rid of herpes naturally