Hi, I’m Sarah :-)

Welcome to Herpes Anon. I was diagnosed with HSV2 (genital herpes) 2 years ago. I’ve created this site to help anyone else out there with HSV (there’s alot of us!) by sharing what I’ve learned and what has helped me along the way.

Since being diagnosed, I’ve been through a lot of the ups and downs that you can go through with this virus. From first freaking out and feeling disgusted at myself, to the worry of telling a new boyfriend that I had it, and of course, the medications and other treatments to try and hit this thing on the head and stop the outbreaks that really disrupted my life.

It certainly hasn’t always been smooth sailing – the typical medications that the doctors prescribed me didn’t work as well as I had hoped, so I’ve done alot of research and trial with natural treatments. Some were a total waste of time for me, while others have worked for me - I want to share that experience with you to hopefully make dealing with herpes a little easier for you.

Whether you’re just wondering if those weird things going on down below are herpes or you’ve already been diagnosed for a while, I’m here to help :-)

Obviously, I’m not a doctor and the information I do provide shouldn’t take place of you seeking advice from a medical professional (read more about that here). That said, I have gained a lot of out talking with others, finding what has worked for others with herpes online and I hope to do the same for you.